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Dr. Richard Jackson, Host of MPC’s Designing Healthy Communities, and Rishi Manchanda, recently wrote an Op/Ed piece featured in StreetsBlog.org.

The article “Touchdown Pass or Lost Yardage– What Will It Be AEG?” introduces the negative impacts of the proposed football stadium and new Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles by Anshutz Entertainment Group (AEG). A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) found that the new structure, Farmers’ Field, will produce harmful consequences, and not only that, but AEG doesn’t have provide any examples of active transportation to the stadium.

“Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) prepared by AEG and required under state law does not cite any local examples of active transportation shares anywhere near this ratio: Rose Bowl’s share is 5% and Dodger Stadium’s is approximately 2%.  The DEIR does not analyze the use of transit to STAPLES Center, which is immediately adjacent to the proposed stadium.  Further, many of the mitigation measures described in the DEIR are inadequate, unenforceable, or improperly deferred until after the close of the environmental review process.”

“With this investment in a new Convention Center and downtown stadium, the City has a chance to make a long overdue pass and score a touchdown that benefits the health and livelihood of all Angelenos. But the current plans for Farmers Field will lead to lost yardage when it comes to our city’s health and a future of dreary, congested asphalt.”

Read the full article here.

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