Dr. Jackson featured in US News & World Report article

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Dr. Richard Jackson, host of MPC’s Designing Healthy Communities, was recently featured in US News & World Report.

The article, “Can ‘New Urbanism’ Bring Health to Your Neighborhood?” highlights the growing demand for mixed use, walkable development and urban-style living, being preferred by both young Millenials and baby boomers.

“Young people have seen the rat race,” the long commutes endured by their parents, says Richard Jackson, host of the current PBS series Designing Healthy Communities and chair of environmental health sciences at UCLA School of Public Health. “We boomers don’t want to be mowing the lawn or taking care of a great, big house anymore.”

A former pediatrician, Jackson addressed toxic environmental conditions as director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While there, he realized the broader web of issues at hand. “What really matters most to people in terms of their environment is where they live, where their kids live, where their parents are growing old,” and those places “can make us depressed, lonely, overweight, and unfit, or [they] can reverse all those things.”

Rattling off several morose U.S. statistics—like the doubled rate of diabetes in the last 15 years—Jackson describes a “profound decline in the fitness of Americans,” and blames, in large part, the environments we’ve created. “In many ways, it’s because we’ve taken people’s legs away from them,” he says. “Most people can’t buy a carton of milk without getting in the car.”

Read the full article, published in US News & World Report on June 7, 2012, here.


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