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  • LA Takes the Train

    LA Takes the Train

    If there was ever a transformative time in the history of Angelenos’ attitude toward public transportation, that time is now.  Even before County voters’ approved Measure R, a half-cent transportation sales tax in November 2008, the car capital of the world was changing the way it thinks about getting around.  Over the next thirty years, Measure R will

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  • Public Transportation: Live Healthier, Live Longer

    Public Transportation: Live Healthier, Live Longer

    A new report, released by the American Public Transportation Association, which surveys current research has found that people who live in communities with high-quality public transportation drive less, exercise more, live longer, and are generally healthier than residents of communities that lack quality public transit.

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  • Fifth Graders Spark County Action

    Fifth Graders Spark County Action

    The Obama administration talks about its four pillars for public education: engagement, innovation, solutions, and scale as if this is a new idea. Not to discount their efforts, however Learn and Serve America has been preaching this same idea since 1990 through its service-learning program.

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