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  • Dr. Jackson featured in Public News Service article

    Dr. Jackson featured in Public News Service article

      Dr. Richard Jackson, Host of MPC’s Designing Healthy Communities, was recently featured in Public News Service, News in the Public Interest. The article, “’Built’ Communities: A New Live/Work/Play Model” talks about the importance of building communities that supports walking, biking and car sharing, not automobiles.  Denver Housing Authority plans to take this approach and with the $4.5 million initiative provided by the Colorado Health Foundation, neighborhoods across Colorado will be transformed. Read the full article here. Related Topics or […]

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  • Episode 3: Social Policy in Concrete

    Episode 3: Social Policy in Concrete

      Dr. Jackson believes it is every citizen’s right to live in a clean, healthy environment. This isn’t the case for many low-income neighborhoods, built near big transportation hubs and struggling industrial cities like Oakland, CA and Detroit, MI.  We meet a morbidly obese grandmother struggling to raise seven grandchildren, all of whom have asthma as a result of living near the Port of Oakland.  The city of Detroit resembles an abandoned war zone. Yet, hope blossoms in both. Related […]

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  • Episode 4: Searching for Shangri La

    Episode 4: Searching for Shangri La

      Dr. Jackson searches past and present America for healthy, sustainable communities of all sizes and shapes that can serve as models for the rest of the nation. His journey takes him to Roseto, PA, Prairie Crossing, IL, New York City, Charleston, SC, and the forgotten 1960s urban renewal project of Lafayette Park in Detroit, MI, the brainchild of 4 men, including visionary architect, Mies van der Rohe. Related Topics or Episodes:Learn more about Designing Healthy Communities: A NYC Town Hall MeetingDesigning Healthy Communities […]

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  • Suburban Oxymoron

    Suburban Oxymoron

      Two years ago, a tropical storm hit my home in Central Florida. I was fortunate that it weakened to a tropical depression by the time it came to my area, and it did little more than pour heavily for a night knocking out the power for the next day. That day, without cable, air conditioning, or computers, I rode my bike around my neighborhood. Many people were outside on the sidewalks and streets, more so than I had ever […]

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  • Putting Down the Keys: Mobility for Older Adults

    Putting Down the Keys: Mobility for Older Adults

    Check out Alek Milller’s presentation on how health and the build environment influence mobility for older adults.

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  • The Syracuse Solution

    The Syracuse Solution

    The future generation is in danger. They are being harmed by our factories, our freeways, our food deserts, and our poorly built environment. Watch how Syracuse, NY strives to make a difference.

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  • Getting Kids to Join the Debate?

    Getting Kids to Join the Debate?

    Our young people are the decision makers and policy creators of the future.

    Should children be encouraged to join the discussions on issues that concern them in order to find their voices and influence change?

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  • Cut Your Losses?

    Cut Your Losses?

    Our economy is on the rocks, and many people are looking for more affordable places to live.

    Would you opt to live in a place that is cheap because it is unhealthy or would you choose your well-being over your wallet?

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