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  • Climate Change? The Answer is Pork

    Climate Change? The Answer is Pork

    Meat may play a much bigger role in climate change than is generally believed, according to a new study from the Worldwatch Institute which finds that 51 percent of global emissions are being caused by meat.  The commonly-accepted figure until now has been 18 percent. The controversial paper claims that United Nations figures have severely underestimated the greenhouse gases caused by tens of billions of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and other animals in three main areas: methane, land use and respiration. Their findings […]

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  • How Green Is That Fish?

    How Green Is That Fish?

    It’s not easy for conscientious shoppers to identify seafood that has been raised or caught with an eye towards environmental protection, and a new report from the University of Victoria says some of the labels on fish aren’t as much help as they might be. “How Green is Your Eco-label?” is designed to help seafood buyers sort through competing sustainability claims and better identify those labels that result in farming methods with less damage to the ocean. Key findings include: […]

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  • Role of community gardens

    Role of community gardens

    Community workers, public health officials and urban planners are increasingly concerned about declining levels of physical and psychological health of city dwellers. The reasons behind this alarming trend are complex. Much of the blame is being leveled at factors such as car dependency, long commuter distances, polluted and unsafe environments – all of which make it difficult to undertake the physical exercise needed to combat many serious diseases. Poor nutrition – particularly over consumption of high density foods – is […]

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  • Mandela Market Place

    Mandela Market Place

    Mandela Market Place, a non-profit organization in the heart of West Oakland, brings fresh produce and foods to the community in need.

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  • HOOP, There it is!

    HOOP, There it is!

    Growing and buying food locally can be difficult in places like Michigan where the ground is covered in snow 9 months out of the year. But with HOOP greenhouses, Jeremy Moghtader is able to grow his own produce in Michigan 365 days a year.

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  • Will You Work for Food?

    Will You Work for Food?

    While community gardens are popping up everywhere and urban farming is taking hold in cities across the board, too many people still get their sustenance from processed and pre-prepared foods and from food flown in from who knows where. Would you be willing to get your hands dirty to grow your own fresh produce? Related Topics or Episodes:No Related Posts

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  • D-Town Farms

    D-Town Farms

    Often times in large cities, such as Detroit, there is a lamentable lack of available fresh produce. One solution to this problem is to encourage people to grow their own food.

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  • Vacant Lots Transform Into Community Gardens

    Vacant Lots Transform Into Community Gardens

    Vacant lots of land once strewn with garbage now bloom with new life in some of Denver’s poorest neighborhoods.

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  • Supermarket Increases Access to Healthy Food

    Supermarket Increases Access to Healthy Food

    When a fire destroyed the only grocery store in these numbers, the federal Department of Housing and town, Upper Falls, NY residents had no local access to affordable, fresh foods. Those who could traveled miles to the nearest suburban supermarket, but the added time and travel costs strained many residents.

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  • The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities

    The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities


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